Therapeutic Internships Abroad in Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Therapeutic Internships

Our dolphin assisted therapy facility offers the possibility to complete a internship in dolphin assisted therapy in the field of animal assisted therapy for interested students of all nationalities.
We offer this possibility for Speech Therapists, Ergo Therapists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Therapists with education in Animal Assisted Therapy and students of any other medical-therapeutically field. (English speaking advantageous).

Our internship program is equivalent to a training program in dolphin-assisted therapy in the field of animal-assisted therapy. Training and internship certificates will be provided/issued on request, signed by our institution, certified dolphin trainers and therapists. A minimum duration of 4 weeks is set for a training program in Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Our usual clientele are children and adults with different kinds of diagnosis – but mainly Autism. Along with our Dolphin Assisted Therapy sessions we offer physical therapy on request, massage, and additional therapies for our clients to optimize therapy results. Our internships have the possibility to support the therapy process administratively and organizationally. In addition they will learn to swim with the clients and the dolphins and assist our therapist handling the clients and swim with our therapy dolphin. Along with the dolphin therapy the trainee should be able to give additional support in form of therapy or advice for the client and his family. Of course our internships will be taught and supported and fully integrated in our therapy team.

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Therapeutic Internships Fee (rates valid till 31.12.2020): Minimum internship is 2 weeks 899 US$ (≈ 820 Euro or 12.628.000 IDR) inclusive airport pick up. Hotel accommodation in shared twin bed room  (single occupancy available on request without surcharge!) inclusive daily breakfast buffet and 1 additional meal daily (lunch or dinner).

1.798 US$ (≈ 1.636 Euro or 25.195.000 IDR) per 4 weeks (28 days) inclusive airport pick up (airport pick-up and return transport). Hotel accommodation in twin bed or double bed room  (single occupancy available on request!), inclusive daily breakfast buffet and 1 additional meal daily (lunch or dinner).

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