Therapeutic Internship Abroad in Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Therapeutic Internship Abroad in Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Therapeutic Internship

Our dolphin assisted therapy facility offers the possibility to complete a Therapeutic Internship in dolphin assisted therapy in the field of animal assisted therapy for interested students of all nationalities.
We offer this possibility for Speech Therapists, Ergo Therapists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Therapists with education in Animal Assisted Therapy and students of any other medical-therapeutically field. (English speaking advantageous).

Our therapeutic internship program is equivalent to a training program in dolphin-assisted therapy in the field of animal-assisted therapy. Training and internship certificates will be provided/issued on request, signed by our institution, certified dolphin trainers and therapists. A minimum duration of 4 weeks is required for this internship program in Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Our usual clientele are mostly children but also adults with different kinds of diagnosis – mainly Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Paralyze hyper activity and other anomalous behavior. Along with our Dolphin Assisted Therapy sessions we offer physical therapy (special massage) on request and additional therapies for our clients to optimize therapy results.

Internships in our facility have the opportunity to support the therapy process active, administratively and organizationally. Our Interns daily participate in our therapy sessions with various clients and the dolphins to learn through our involved therapist and dolphin trainers how to handle our clients and the dolphins through a therapy session.

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Our interns are fully integrated into our therapy team. The intern should learn to give the client and their responsible companions additional support in the form of therapy and counselling.

All participants in our training and therapeutic internship programs are issued with a certificate of participation at the end of their program. The certificate states the beginning  and end date of the internship program, the overall hours participated in the internship and a comment and signature from the responsible therapist leading the internship program.

After completing this internship program, we issue a certificate of participation that shows the personal data of the participant, the duration and the requirements of this internship.

Therapeutic Internship Abroad

Internship activity hours are from Monday to Fridays/Saturdays from 8.30am to 10.30am (depending on number of patients – lunch time 1 hour)

Therapeutic Internship Abroad Package Fee (rates valid till 31.12.2022):
Minimum internship term is 4 weeks = 880 US$ (≈ 835 Euro) without breakfast at the hotel accommodation but inclusive airport pick up on request. Each additional week 220 US$
1090 US$ (≈ 10340 Euro) including breakfast (a very richly equipped breakfast buffet offers continental, western and Asian style food) at the hotel accommodation and airport pick up.

Please Note: A minimum term of 4 weeks is required for this internship program in Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Bali Tourist Entry VisaPlease find below some additional costs – who may vary through the pandemic –  which are involved in your travel to Bali because of current COVID-19 rules and regulations.

  1. Visa costs  3.500.000 IDR (220 € or 250 US$) for a 60 Day Visa – plus possible monthly extensions up to max. 6 month (hence 4 extensions each 750.000 IDR)
  2. The so-called VOA (“Visa on Arrival” – also called “Tourist Visa”) when entering Bali/Indonesia is currently being issued again (valid for up to 30 days – this visa can be extended once again by 30 days, so that a maximum length of stay of 60 days is possible). The visa fee is IDR 500,000 p. person payable upon entry (equivalent to approximately US$35 or EUR33). The Visa extension fee for additional 30 days is currently 850.000 IDR
  3. Daily transportation costs to and from Marine Park – Scooter rental 50.000 IDR per day or transport with GoJek or Grab approx. 30.000 IDR per day
  4. Meals/Food are relatively cheap in Bali – endless options available for good, healthy and affordable food. Approx. 80.000 IDR per day (5 € or 6 US$). Located directly opposite the hotel is a big shopping mall where almost everything can be purchased. 
  5. Airfare – from Europe Qatar Airways is a recommendable choice for flights to Bali. Good price, good standard & service, comfortable travel intervals. (6 hours from Europe to Qatar and another 9 hours from Qatar to Denpasar/Bali).

Please note: All costs above are as of mid-December 2022 and may vary over the next weeks & months. Prior to your arrival, we will of course provide you with comprehensive information on significant price changes and the latest Visa & COVID-19 rules & regulations.

Therapeutic Internship accommodation

If you’re interested in a Therapeutic Internship in dolphin assisted therapy in our facility on Bali island please fill out our DAT Internship Abroad Application Form below (*all fields required). If you have problems filling out or sending the form, please contact us via Email!

DAT Internship Inquiry Form


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