Dolphin Therapy – Our Therapy Team

Dolphin Therapy – Our Therapy Team

Dolphin Therapy – The Team at Bali Exotic Marine Park

Our Dolphins

Our therapy dolphins are carefully chosen and special trained to participate in our therapy sessions because dolphins need to have a very special character to interact with therapy patients respective disabled children and adults. 

“Simba” is a 10 year old male Indo Pacific Bottle Nose Dolphin and fits the required characteristic from a dolphin interacting in dolphin assisted therapy with disabled patients perfectly.

bali therapy dolphin simba


Our Head Dolphin Trainer

Our head trainer and head therapist are as a team responsible to create tailor made therapy programs for special clients focused on their special needs. Handle the client and guide the dolphin through the entire dolphin therapy session, counsel parents and schedule therapy sessions with our confirmed clients and their accompanies.

bali dolphin trainer

Our Head Trainer Edgar Ricardo Perez-Novan born in Mexico has been involved in the industry for over 15 years around the world.  During this time, he achieved experience in roles requiring exceptional communication, organizational and planning skills.

Edgar Ricardo Perez-Novan is very motivated to find new opportunities to gain knowledge and to grow in his studies and career goals. He is resourceful and approach his responsibilities in a conscientious, professional and efficient manner.  He has a strong work ethic and enjoys using the initiative to assess situations and explore solutions.

Some of Edgar Ricardo Perez-Novan most valuable skills for our facility:

  • Development of a training program for new staff and implementing training principles for interactive programs in new facilities
  • Preventive measures for behavioral management of aggression and precursors.
  • Management of schedules, planning and handling large groups for interactive programs
  • Preserving the magical experience for interactive programs on a safe-family oriented focus
  • Adaptation training and habituation for visually impaired dolphins into interactive programs
  • Rehabilitation of stranded fur seals, whales and dolphins
  • Educative  talks to school children, parents and teachers
  • Marine Mammal Biology Certification by Via Delphi´s Institute for the Study of Aquatic Mammals A.C. and the National and Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Certificated by Bahamian Authorities in Personal survival, US Health Department in child, and youth activities, Disney Cruise Line and The Walt Disney World on safety, social responsibilities and crowd management
  • Dolphin Assisted Therapy Team


We are hiring: Position Head Therapist

animal assisted therapy therapistWe are currently looking for a certified physio- or psychotherapist after re-opening our DAT center officially in August 2020 again!
Please apply via email to our responsible office with your C.V and application letter or contact us via WhatsApp +6282144064922

Job Requirements:
Certified therapist in the field of Speech- Physio- or Psychology. Good English speaking, love children and animals (dolphins), good team player, motivated and has experience with handling mentally and physically disabled children. Additional Russian language skills are a significant advantage!

All nationalities welcome!





Our Assistant Dolphin  Trainer & Therapy Support

bali dolphin therapy assistant trainer…Monica is from the famous and biggest island of Indonesia and the entire world: Kalimantan / Borneo. Monica is our so called “right hand” of Ricardo – the head therapist.  Monica is participating in every therapy session, assisting with the handling of the patient but also with the guiding of the dolphin, providing dolphin food and supports each therapy session in any way needed. Monica has a very friendly and open personality  and is speaking English pretty well to.

bali dolphin therapy monika


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