Dolphin Care & Training Internship Program Abroad

Dolphin Care & Training

Dolphin Care & Training Internship Program Abroad

Dolphin Care & Training Internship Abroad

From 1 January 2022, we will offer an extended internship program (dolphin care & trainer program) at “Bali Exotic Marine Park”. In addition to the internship in Dolphin Assisted Therapy, we have created an additional program for those whose focus is not on the handling / therapy with disabled patients, but rather on dealing with dolphins themselves – their attitude, training and their daily lives with us.

This shall include the entire care for our 10 dolphins – from the daily check on the dolphins health condition, preparation of their food, the feeding, the daily training programs, the active participation in the daily customer programs (interaction & therapy programs), the guidance & control of the dolphin in the therapy, the active participation in the program “swimming with dolphins”, learning to maintain the seawater filtration system and maintain the entire seawater swimming pool complex and more….

After completing this educational internship program, we issue a certificate of participation that shows the personal data of the participant, the duration and the requirements of this internship.

Our dolphin facility in Benoa/South Bali offers the possibility for interns of all nationalities to do an internship in the field “Dolphin Care & Training”. We offer this educational internship program for all persons interested. 

Dolphin Care & Training

Please Note: A minimum duration of 8 weeks is required for this educational program!

Educational activity hours are from Monday to Fridays/Saturdays from 8am to 3pm (Lunch time 1 hour)

Program Package Fee (rates valid till 31.12.2022):
Minimum internship is 4 weeks = 840 US$ (≈ 735 Euro) without breakfast at the hotel accommodation but inclusive airport pick up.
1040 US$ (≈ 920 Euro) including breakfast (a la card or buffet) at the hotel accommodation and airport pick up.

Please find below some additional costs – who may vary through the pandemic –  which are involved in your travel to Bali because of current COVID-19 rules and regulations.

  1. Visa costs  3.500.000 IDR (220 € or 250 US$) for a 60 Day Visa – plus possible monthly extensions up to max. 6 month (hence 4 extensions each 750.000 IDR)
  2. The previously prescribed COVID-19 quarantine is currently suspended – and the so-called “Visa on Arrival” when entering Bali/Indonesia is currently being issued again (valid for up to 30 days – this visa can be extended once again by 30 days, so that a maximum length of stay of 60 days is possible). The visa fee is IDR 500,000 payable upon entry (equivalent to approximately US$35 or EUR33).
  3. Daily transportation costs to and from Marine Park – Scooter rental 50.000 IDR per day or transport with GoJek or Grab approx. 30.000 IDR per day
  4. Meals/Food is relatively cheap in Bali – endless options available for good, healthy and affordable food. Approx. 80.000 IDR per day (5 € or 6 US$)
  5. Airfare – from Europe Qatar Airways is a recommendable choice for flights to Bali. Good price, good standard & service, comfortable travel intervals. (6 hours from Europe to Qatar and another 9 hours from Qatar to Denpasar/Bali) Return Ticket currently approx. 560 € or 640 US$

Please note: All costs above are as of mid-March 2022 and may vary over the next few weeks & months. Prior to your arrival, we will of course provide you with comprehensive information on significant price changes and the latest Visa & COVID-19 rules & regulations.

Dolphin Care & Training


If you’re interested in a Dolphin Care & Training Program in our facility on Bali island, please fill out our Application Form below (*all fields required). If you have problems filling out or sending the form, please contact us via Email! or…

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