Dolphin Assisted Therapy – Walk-In Clients

Dolphin Assisted Therapy – Walk-In Patients

“Walk-In” DAT patients are described as patients who only attend DAT sessions in our facility  – accommodation and shuttle transport to our facility for Walk-In patients are NOT included in the DAT rates. Daily DAT session schedules shall be scheduled by our therapist and we expect that walk-in DAT patients are on site for their scheduled therapy sessions 15 Minutes prior their scheduled session.

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Walk-In patients have the option to book only 1 or max. 2 dolphin therapy sessions per day – usually a session in the morning and a second session in the afternoon.

Our DAT working hours are from 9 am to 4 pm – first therapy session of the day starts at 9 am and last therapy session at 3.30 pm from Monday to Saturday (Sunday is day off!).

The below mentioned “walk-in patient programs” are only available till 28 February 2020!
From 1st March 2020 onward only DAT Packages will be available!

Walk-In DAT patient session rates:

1 DAT session per day (20 minutes)                   140 US$         =        1.960.000 IDR

1 DAT session per day (30 minutes)                   180 US$         =        2.520.000 IDR

2 DAT sessions per day (2 x 20 minutes)          280 US$        =         3.920.000 IDR

1 Day-DAT Package                320 US$ (includes 2 DAT sessions (2 x 20 minutes), lunch for patient and max. 2 accompanies)          =       4.480.000 IDR

12 DAT sessions                   1.600 US$ ( 6 days – each day 2 x 20 minutes)       =          22.400.000 IDR

24 DAT sessions                  3.200 US$ ( 12 days – each day 2 x 20 minutes)     =           44.800.000 IDR

Shuttle from and to by the patients chosen accommodation within the South Bali / Badung Regency area to our DAT facility can be provided respective organized for an extra charge on request. Shuttle fees need to be negotiated because the amount of the shuttle fee depends on the pick up and return location of the patient!

All above mentioned DAT walk-in rates are valid till 28.2.2020!

Please fill out application form below to inquire for walk-in dolphin assisted therapy sessions in our facility.

DAT Walk-In Patient Inquiry Form

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