DAT patient indications

DAT patient indications

bali dolphin therapy therapistOur dolphin assisted therapy patients indications are:

– PTBS (post traumatic burdening syndromes) 
– developmental delay
– speech and language delays
– communication disorders
– learning disabilities
– attention disorders, autism
– genetic disorders
– hearing impairments
– down syndrome
– cerebral palsy
– depression
– stroke

Dolphins cannot cure and there is no mysterious magic in dolphin assisted therapy. Dolphin can have positive effects on the communication-, motor-, or other developmental skills of patients. Swimming with dolphins is only a part of the therapy program. We always try to implement customized programs with additional useful therapy treatments for the special needs of a client . We also always try to involve the whole family in our therapy program.

The theory behind dolphin assisted therapy is based on two philosophies. The first is that the unconditional love and support a dolphin has to offer, can benefit clients with emotional problems. A dolphin seems to have human-like emotions, so a deep trusting bond can be developed between client and dolphin.

The second part of the theory involves a more scientific approach. It involves echolocation (echolocation: a high – pitch sound) send out by the dolphin that bounces off an object and returns. The dolphin interprets the returning echo to determine the object’s shape, direction, distance and texture). Some say that the dolphins use of sonar and echolocation produce changes in the body tissue and cell structure of patients who associate with them. Others believe that sound waves emitted by the dolphins in communication and echolocation stimulate healing. A diminishing of anxiety and depression, enhanced learning in handicapped children and pain relief are all attributed, by some researchers, to dolphin echolocation.

bali dolphin therapy pool

Those persons who experienced the therapeutic exposure to dolphins consistently displayed brainwaves that transitioned from “beta waves” to “alpha waves”. By way of explanation, “Beta waves” are often an indicator of “active, energized” brainwave activity, while “Alpha waves” are often displayed while in a relaxed, meditative “state of mind” that can facilitate the possibility for improvement.

There are a lot of so called “professionals” out there – especially in the social media – who declare dolphin assisted therapy as a “fake” and a “scam”. There is also a lot of parents and patients out there who already benefit a lot from dolphin assisted therapy and experienced undoubted positive impacts on their children and relatives. It was and will be always a controversial therapy approach in the field of animal assisted therapy, but we have experience over 15 years in dolphin therapy in Bali and we have seen a lot of unquestionable positive developments at patients and we have a lot of regular patients who benefit from this kind of therapy since many years.

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